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For over 130 years, Ansaldo STS USA has been known for leading the development of wayside equipment, vital relays and complete train control systems. Today, Ansaldo STS USA is applying its unique knowledge to developing advanced rail control systems. 

International Reach

As a regional company of Ansaldo STS, Ansaldo STS USA serves rail and transit customers in the USA, Canada & Central & South America, with a concentrated focus on transit in China, South Korea and Taiwan. 

Ansaldo STS USA is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has manufacturing facilities in South Carolina. Support and sales offices are located throughout the USA, Canada, Italy, Brazil, South Korea and China.



Ansaldo STS USA  Railway Signaling Equipment (RSE) Catalog

Our catalog is available as a PDF document broken down by product line.  To order a CD or hard copy of the catalog,  Click here

Using this Catalog

This catalog is designed to help you find complete technical and ordering information on every Ansaldo STS USA major wayside or carborne control system and stand-alone product. Each catalog cut gives concise design and application, detailed specifications, all major ordering part numbers (where applicable), and instructions on how best to place an order to achieve the fastest possible delivery. 

Finding and Ordering Your System or Product

The Ansaldo STS USA RSE Catalog is organized according to major wayside and carborne systems, and individual products/components, many of which comprise these systems. Included within the major catalog categories are cuts on specialized tools and test equipment to service Ansaldo STS USA equipment. 

To locate an item:

  1. Refer to the RSE Table of Contents (page i) for major system and product divisions
  2. Refer to the alpha-numeric identifier (e.g.  RSE-4A1) for each catalog cut. These identifiers greatly simplify updates to the catalog; individual cuts are added or deleted without affecting the entire book
  3. Note the catalog cut revision date in both the Table of Contents and at the upper corner of each cut. As cuts are updated, the revision date is changed accordingly. Check the catalog cut of interest to make sure you have the latest information

Placing Orders and Answers to Your Questions

To place your order by phone, call our toll-free Customer Service number 1-800-652-7276 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Or, send an e-mail to Feel free to ask our Order Entry person any questions about the order process, the type of part, or the status of any previous orders.

2013 Railway Signalling Equipment (RSE) Catalog by Section:
ProductRSE SheetService Manual #
MicroLok II Wayside Control System - General
Information and Configuration Guide
MicroLok® II: E-CodeTM Track Circuit EnhancementRSE-1A2SM-7101
MicroLok® II Intermediate System for
Incandescent Signal Locations
MicroLok® II Intermediate System for LED
Signal Locations
MicroLok® II End Point SystemRSE-1A5 
MicroLok® II Hot Standby ApplicationRSE-1A6 
MicroLok II Seamless Redundant Interlocking
System Application
MicroLok® II Sleep Mode Application
(Dark Territory Track Integrity)
MicroLok® II: TCP/IP Connectivity and Network CapabilitiesRSE-1A11 
MicroLok® II Operation of LED SignalsRSE-1A12 
MicroLok® II Control of Highway CrossingsRSE-1A13 
MicroLok II Half-Box (H.B.) UnitRSE-1A14SM-1D2.0008
MicroLok Object Controller (OC) General InformationRSE-1B1SM-9494
MicroLok® Object Controller Units
OC-1000, -2000, -3000, -4000 Series
Proximity Sensors for MicroLok® Object Controller ApplicationsRSE-1B3SM-9494
Cardfiles (MicroLok II Applications)RSE-1D1 
MicroLok II Printed Circuit Board and Panels: General Information and Ordering GuideRSE-1D2 
MicroLok II Central Processing Unit (CPU) PCBs: Standard, PTC-Upgradeable, VitalNet™ and Genisys II CSIBRSE-1D2.1SM-6800A, SM-1D1.0028, SM-
1D1.0031, SM-6800M
MicroLok II Vital Input/Output (I/O) PCBsRSE-1D2.2SM-
1D1.0024, SM-6800A, SM-1D1.0006, SM-6470B, SM6470B
MicroLok II Non-Vital Input/Output (I/O) PCBsRSE-1D2.3SM-6800A
MicroLok II LED and Incandescent Signal
Lamp Driver PCBs
RSE-1D2.4SM-6800N, SM-6800A, SM-6800B, SM-
MicroLok II Track Circuit PCBsRSE-1D2.5SM-6800E, SM-6800B
MicroLok II Sleep Mode PCBRSE-1D2.6SM-1D1.0032
MicroLok II Cab Signal PCBsRSE-1D2.7SM-6800A
MicroLok II Communications and Serial Link Relay PCBsRSE-1D2.8SM-1D1.0026
MicroLok II Vital Hot Standby Synchronization PCBRSE-1D2.9SM-1D1.0027
MicroLok II Power Supply and Conditional Power Supply (CPS) PCBsRSE-1D2.10SM-6800A, SM-6800B
MicroLok II Built-In Local Control PanelsRSE-1D2.11SM-6800A, SM-6800B
MicroLok II Cardfile Blank PanelsRSE-1D2.12 
MicroLok II Discrete Wire Connector/Cable Assemblies for Cardfile PCBsRSE-1D2.20 
Track Interface Panels (MicroLok® II Applications)RSE-1D3 
Quick-Shunt Module (MicroLok® II Applications)RSE-1D4 
AC Lamp Driver, Hot Filament Checker and Redundancy PCB (MicroLok® II Applications)RSE-1D5SM-8525
Output Isolation Modules (MicroLok® II Applications)RSE-1D6SM-6800B
Input Isolation Module (MicroLok® II and MicroLok® Object Controller Applications)RSE-1D7SM-9488
Serial Interface Protective Equipment (MicroLok® II Applications)RSE-1D8 
Serial-To-Ethernet Converter
(MicroLok® II Applications)
Vital Cut-Off Relay (MicroLok® II Applications)RSE-1D10 
Non-Vital Interposer Relays (MicroLok® II and MicroLok® Object Controller Applications)RSE-1D11 
Solid-State Switch Machine Modules and Associated Equipment (MicroLok® II and MicroLok® Object Controller Applications)RSE-1D12 
TCP/IP Network Hub and Network Interface Adpater (MicroLok® II and MicroLok® Object Controller Applications)RSE-1D13SM-6800K
AF-902/AF-904® Generation II Digital FSK Track CircuitRSE-1F1SM-1F2.0001
AF-902/AF-904® Generation II Digital FSK Track CircuitsRSE-1F2SM-1F2.0001
Single-Rail and Double-Rail Power FrequencyRSE-1F3SM-6087
MicroLok II-Based Wayside Interface Unit (WIU) for PTC ApplicationsRSE-1G2SM-1D2.0008, SM-1D2.0009
VitalNet™ Current Sensor (for PTC Signal Applications)RSE-1G3 
VitalNet™ Point Monitor (for PTC Switch Machine Applications)RSE-1G4 
MicroCab® Cab Signaling System
General Information
Digitrac® Train Location SystemRSE-2C1SM-7020A
SML-24 Switch Lock and SMC ControllerRSE-3A1SM-6810A
SML-110 Switch Lock and PN-150SSR Solid-State RelayRSE-3A2SM-6810B
Switch Machine Controller – Biased NeutralRSE-3A3SM-6810A
Switch Machine Electronic Circuit Controller (ECC) Chaining ModulesRSE-3A4SM-9488
EBNC Bi-Polar Driver ModuleRSE-3A5 
AFO-IIC Track Circuit for DC-Electrified and Dark
ATT-20 Audio Track TransceiverRSE-3B3SM-6299
Phase-Selective Unit (PSU)RSE-3C2SM-6147
EM-1 Automatic Train StopRSE-3D1SM-5730
Style “S” Electro-Mechanical Train StopRSE-3D2SM-5434, SM-5434A
W-400 TransformerRSE-3E1SM-5994
W-800 TransformersRSE-3E2SM-6007
CCR Constant Current RectifiersRSE-3F1SM-5951
CPR Constant Potential RectifiersRSE-3F2SM-5952
F-81 DC/AC InverterRSE-3G1SM-6128
F-82 DC/AC InverterRSE-3G2SM-6137
F-85 Inverter-DriverRSE-3G3SM-6306
Surge-Ripple FilterRSE-3H1SM-6265
USGA Lightning ArrestersRSE-3H2SM-6108
USSP Secondary Surge SuppressorsRSE-3H3SM-6145
CMF-101 Common Mode FilterRSE-3H4 
Track Circuit SimulatorRSE-3J1 
Colorlight Signal SimulatorRSE-3J3 
Shop Test Set for Wayside Electronic EquipmentRSE-3J4 
Dragging Equipment Detector Retrofit KitRSE-3K1SM-9237
Ordering Guide: Solid-State Replacements for
Electro-Mechanical Relays and Timers
PN-150SST Series Solid-State Timers (PN-150SST/SP, PN-150SST/DPSD, PN-150SST/SD)RSE-4B1SM-9082
PN-150EVT Series Electronic Vital Timer RelaysRSE-4B2SM-6498, SM-6498A, SM-6498B
Five Second Fixed Electronic Vital TimerRSE-4B3SM-6499
PN-250CG SS Plug-In Solid-State Code Transmitter RelayRSE-4C1SM-4568B, SM-8567
SSCT-B2 Plug-In Solid-State Code TransmitterRSE-4C2SM-4568, SM-4568A
DMSSCT Shelf-Mount Solid-State Code TransmitterRSE-4C3SM-8524A
Shelf-Mounted Solid-State Code TransmitterRSE-4C4SM-9495
PC-250B/EL SS Plug-In Solid-State Code Follower - BiasedRSE-4C5SM-9028
SSCF-B1 Plug-In Solid-State Code Follower - BiasedRSE-4C6SM-9025
PC-250B SS Plug-In Code Follower Relay - TrackRSE-4C7SM-9268
PC-250P SS Plug-In Solid-State Code Follower Relay – Polar StickRSE-4C8SM-9029
CD SS Shelf Mount Code Follower Relay - BiasedRSE-4C9SM-9277
CD SS Shelf Mount Code Follower Relay - TrackRSE-4C10SM-9278
CDP SS Shelf Mount Code Follower Relay – Polar StickRSE-4C11SM-9276
PV-250E Electronic Vane RelayRSE-4D1SM-9412
TRU-III Track Resonant UnitRSE-4D2SM-3C2.0001
Electronic Relay Reset ModuleRSE-4D3SM-8A1.0001
PN-150B Biased RelayRSE-4E1SM-4596
PN-150HD Biased Relay
(With Heavy Duty Contacts)
PN-150BD 3-Position Biased RelayRSE-4E3SM-4596D
PN-250B Biased RelayRSE-4E4SM-4597
PN-150BSR Slow Release Biased RelayRSE-4F1SM-4596B
PN-258B Slow Pick-Up Biased RelayRSE-4F2SM-4597
PN-258BSR Slow Pick-Up/Slow Release Biased RelayRSE-4F3SM-4597
PN-259BSR Slow Release Biased RelayRSE-4F4SM-4597
PN-259SRA Slow Release Biased RelayRSE-4F5SM-4563H
PN-150BTR Biased Track RelayRSE-4G1SM-4596A
PN-150BH Biased Track Circuit RelayRSE-4G2SM-4551R
PN-150F Flasher RelayRSE-4H1SM-6348
PN-250F Solid-State Flasher RelayRSE-4H2SM-9080
PV-250 Two-Element AC Vane RelayRSE-4J1SM-4574
PP-151 Magnetic Stick RelayRSE-4K1SM-4596G
PN-150BM Magnetic Blow Out RelayRSE-4K2SM-4551M
PN-150SO DC Switch Control RelayRSE-4L1SM-4571
PN-152SO DC Switch Control RelayRSE-4L2SM-5929
PN-258BC Decoding RelayRSE-4L3SM-4597
PC-250TR Code Generating RelayRSE-4M1SM-4569
PC-250B Biased Code Following RelayRSE-4N1SM-4570
PC-250P Magnetic Stick Code Following RelayRSE-4N2SM-4570A
PN-150BE High Efficiency Biased Code Following RelayRSE-4N3SM-4551L
PN-250BE Code Following RelayRSE-4N4SM-4597
PN-159B Vital Carborne RelayRSE-4O1SM-4551W
PN-150BL Light Out RelayRSE-4P1SM-6144
PN-150P Power-Off RelayRSE-4Q1SM-4596F
PN-150 and PN-250 Style Plug-In Relay BasesRSE-4R1 
PN-150 Style Relay Bases:
Field and Shop Maintenance Tools/Supplies for
PN-Series Vital Relays
PN Relay Shelf Mounting BracketsRSE-4T1 
Model 95 Highway Crossing Gate MechanismRSE-5A1SM-6495
Model 95 Gate Mechanism Installation, Upgrade and Retrofit Components and ToolsRSE-5A2SM-6495A, SM-6495B, SM-6495C, SM-6495D, SM-6495E, SM-
Model 95-Based Four Quadrant Gate Mechanism SystemRSE-5A3 
HC-120B Flashing Light Units and AssembliesRSE-5B1 
Highway Crossing MastsRSE-5C1 
Highway Crossing Mast Mechanical AttachmentsRSE-5C2 
Highway Crossing BellsRSE-5C3SM-5C3.0001
Highway Crossing Gate ArmsRSE-5C4 
Highway Crossing Gate Arm CounterweightsRSE-5C5 
Highway Crossing SignsRSE-5C6 
HX-1 and HX-1A Highway Crossing Power PacksRSE-5E1 
Highway Crossing Ordering GuideRSE-5F1 
Style “M” Electric Switch Machines Configuration GuideRSE-6A1 
M-3E and M-23E Electric Switch MachinesRSE-6A2SM-9194, SM-9428
M-23A, M-23B, M-3 and Low-Profile M-3
Electric Switch Machines
RSE-6A3SM-9662, SM-6263, SM-9671, SM-6444
Support and Upgrade Equipment for Style “M” Switch MachinesRSE-6A4 
Electronic Circuit Controller (ECC) Field Test UnitRSE-6A5 
EBNC Retrofit Kit for Style “M” Switch Machines
with Electronic Circuit Controllers (ECC)
A-10 Electro-Pneumatic Switch MachineRSE-6B1SM-5041
A-5 Electro-Pneumatic Switch MachineRSE-6B2SM-5044
YM-2000TM Yard Electric Switch MachineRSE-6C1SM-6455
DA-10 Yard Electro-Pneumatic Switch Machine
and Retrofit Valve Head
T-20 and T-21 Hand-Operated Switch MachinesRSE-6E1SM-5417
U-5 Circuit ControllerRSE-6F1SM-4516
Electronic Biased Neutral Circuit Controller Retrofit for Alstom Switch MachinesRSE-6F2SM-9270
ECC Retrofit Kit for M-3 and M-23 Switch MachinesRSE-6F3SM-6263A
SL-21A Electric Switch LockRSE-6G1SM-3225
SL-25 Electric Switch LockRSE-6G3SM-5466
Operating Rods and Point Detector Lugs for Switch Circuit ControllersRSE-6H1 
Switch Lock Lever Lock RodsRSE-6H2 
Switch Point Roller Bearing AssembliesRSE-6H3 
Swivel Front Rods and Swivel Point LugsRSE-6H4 
Tools for Switch Machines, Switch Layout Hardware and Related EquipmentRSE-6J1 
Pedestal-Mounted Junction BoxesRSE-6K1 
LED Signals: General InformationRSE-7A1SM-6800N
LED Signal Unit, Constant Current Regulator and
Driver Protection Board
Multi-Purpose Color Light Signals: LED and IncandescentRSE-7B1 
Transit SignalsRSE-7B2 
N-2 and N-2S Color Light Dwarf SignalsRSE-7B3 
ES-20 Color Light Electric Switch SignalRSE-7B4SM-6334
CR-2 Triangular Color Light SignalRSE-7B5 
PL-8 Color Position Light SignalRSE-7C1 
Inclined Cover Glass Assemblies, Phankill Units and RoundelsRSE-7H1 
Incandescent Signal LampsRSE-7J1 
Mainline Signal AssembliesRSE-7K1 
Miscellaneous Service and Installation PartsRSE-9A1 
RSE Catalog IndexRSE-10 

Service & Support

Ansaldo STS USA delivers solutions that help meet your organization’s operating goals with the greatest value. Expert project management assures on-time and on-budget project completion. Our extensive organizational resources provide exceptional service and support.

  • Engineering Support - Our experienced engineering service team helps design, retrofit and maintain your rail infrastructure. Services include field surveys, circuit design, material procurement, installation supervision, factory testing, installation, and field tests.
  • Inspection Service – Field inspection services help maintain the safety of your signaling and control equipment. Make Ansaldo STS USA a part of your mandatory inspection programs.
  • Rapid Action Information Link (RAIL) Team – When you need accurate, specific answers to respond to critical situations, the RAIL team is here. Every hour of every day, every day of the year, our customer support engineers are on call providing the knowledge and support to recover system disturbances. Our maintenance escalation program quickly mobilizes a team of engineers to deal with the most serious situations. Phone: +1 800.652.7276 ask for RAIL Team.
  • Repair and Return Service – Our service centers are equipped to repair products of all major product suppliers. All repairs use OEM replacement parts and are backed by our warranty program. Normal turn around time is less than 30 days.
  • Remanufacturing Service – All major brands of ground equipment, mechanical and electro-mechanical products can be remanufactured to “like-new” condition and backed by an extended 1-year warranty.

Contact us

Placing Orders and Answers to Your Questions
To place your order by phone, call our toll-free Customer Service number  1-800-652-7276 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Or, send an e-mail to Feel free to ask our Order Entry person any questions about the order process, the type of part, or the status of any previous orders.




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