Operation Transparency

Notice open to all current Ansaldo STS suppliers and to all our potential new suppliers

Beware of email scams with procurement requests

Reports keep coming in of scam email containing alleged procurement requests inviting the recipient company to supply Ansaldo STS with materials and/or services; Ansaldo STS has no knowledge of such requests.

Ansaldo STS does not request supplies of any kind by email from companies that are not in its supplier database. Our company procedure sets forth the implementation of a well-defined and structured procurement process, according to which the purchasing department's buyer for a particular product category requests a quote from a potential supplier along with appropriate documentation in order to assess the adequacy of the supplier and requested supply.

Ansaldo STS is not connected to these scams in any way and urges everyone to be very careful and carry out the appropriate verifications with our purchasing department prior to shipping material or providing a service.

In all cases when you may have doubts about the authenticity of a request, you can refer to the following web address:procurement@ansaldo-sts.com

Synergies with partners as well as global procurement chain optimization are both key elements in the strategy pursued by Ansaldo STS.

In regards to relationships both with Suppliers and with all entities, companies and persons they have established business and financial relationships with, Ansaldo STS has always promoted behavior rules based on loyalty, fairness, openness, efficiency and compliance with the local and international standards and regulations.

Ansaldo STS is committed to continuous improvement of their own supply chain. This can only take place through a steady and continuous improvement of the in-house organization and of the corporate processes, as well as through the steady and constant growth of their own suppliers, in order to maintain and develop Ansaldo STS’s competitive role within the global marketplace.

Both the supplier selection and the process leading to the purchase of products, goods, services and full turnkey systems take place in accordance with Ansaldo STS’s Code of Conduct and the in-house quality procedures as well as in accordance with the environment-protection, health and safety standards and regulations in force.

The suppliers are mainly assessed, through a well-defined selection process, based on the quality of their products and services, the compliance with the customer’s technical needs, their business and financial competitiveness, the stability of their own business, the performance of the duties they have committed to, and the compliance with the rules and regulations in force and the compliance with the social rights.

We at Ansaldo STS do believe that our relationships with our customers are crucial to the development and successful outcome of the highly value-added solutions we provide to our customer worldwide.

If your company and you also believe you wish to share these values, if you wish to join forces to face the challenges presented by the current and future business, and if you wish to be a part of our business network, we ask you to send us an e-mail and attach the profile of your company, fill in the enclosed questionnaire and let us have your references for any further close analysis.

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Filippo Fanfani joined Ansaldo STS in April 2014 in his current capacity as the Group’s global Purchasing Department Manager.

Filippo Fanfani joined Ansaldo STS after he had gained wide experience in the automotive field for more than sixteen years, holding increasingly important positions within various corporate departments as well as in countries and sectors of the Fiat Chrysler and Fiat Industrial Group. More precisely, he experienced and focused on a steady personal growth within the purchasing function during the last twelve years, by consolidating his professional skills in regards to cost reduction, commodity management and purchasing management (both indirect and direct purchasing), first at the sector level and, then, at the Group level.

Filippo Fanfani received a degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Florence (Italy).