Ansaldo STS can operate transportation systems 24/7 and provide complete maintenance to ensure full service availability. Since 2002, Ansaldo STS has successfully operated and maintained the Copenhagen Driverless Unattended Metro. Moreover, has been already awarded the O&M contract for the Honolulu Driverless Unattended Metro and other projects all over the world.

Ansaldo STS provides maintenance services for numerous railway networks and metro lines around the world, including:

  • Channel Tunnel Rail Link (UK)
  • Madrid-Lerida High Speed Line (Spain)
  • Union Pacific, CSX (USA)
  • Northwest and Perth TCS (Australia)
  • Mainline railway (Botswana)
  • Metros (Paris, Lyon)
  • La Robla - Pola de Lena (Spain)
  • Glasgow Subway (Scotland)