Discovering Knowledge Owners

The identification and valorisation of corporate talents is one of the strong points of Ansaldo STS.

Moreover, people are the “diamond points” of our corporate core values. People are Ansaldo’s STS irreplaceable engine and Innovation and Excellence in the technological field. The decision to merge this value occurred at the end of 2013 with the launch of the eagerly-awaited Knowledge Owners project.

After successfully starting a program aimed at the valorisation of management talents by identifying high potential categories (Rockets, Key Resources and Future Leaders), Ansaldo STS is currently implementing the second ‘leg’ of its global talent model, through the identification of people with considerable backgrounds and technical experience. Therefore, the newly launched program is intended to select a limited number of Knowledge Owners, who will be responsible for the spreading and sharing of the Company’s know-how.

The program has a far-reaching target. On one hand, it aims at the valorisation of the well-established technical expertise of the pre-selected candidates, by rewarding them with an ongoing development program. On the other hand, it is intended to spread a real culture of sharing and knowledge management, in order to increase the Company’s technical capability. This is crucial to overcome future technological challenges presented by the market.

The selection process of Knowledge Owners started from a “nomination” of the relevant managers in accordance with a set of criteria defined at the beginning, which was based on corporate seniority, performance within the last three years and a detailed assessment of the technical knowledge that was identified as strategic and unique for the company.

The step of the process that is currently in progress calls for the submittal of an online test that will assess applicants’ soft skills that are considered important to act as facilitators in the spreading of knowledge. The result will be supported by a motivational interview, managed by HR, and a technical interview, managed by technical experts.

These technical experts are well-recognized within the company, and they will be assigned the task of certifying the value of the experience acquired by people, and also highlighting the role they played in concrete corporate projects.

The project is supported by a Technical Committee established for this purpose, which is represented by Senior Vice Presidents from the various technical “core” areas within the Company. The Committee’s goal is to ensure the consistency of applications, assessments and final selections. Within the Knowledge Owners group, it will appoint as corporate reference points the Technical Fellows that have outstanding and globally recognised competences.

The entire ASTS Talent Management system is based on this strong belief: talented people are the engine of development of a true technical and management culture, using excellence and innovation to become real, critical and successful factor. This virtuous circle is now in motion. It is enhanced by the enthusiasm of several people who know they can contribute to the creation of a value that will make the difference for the Company and its personal and professional expertise.

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Rachele Nucci

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