Performance Evaluation


Ansaldo STS’ "Integrated People Development” model has been designed and implemented to ensure that all employees have opportunities for professional growth in a coherent and consistent manner at global level. 

This model is our "Employee Value Proposition" and seeks to offer an attractive strategy of "Total Rewarding" in which prevails not only the financial criteria, but also a wide variety of learning opportunities, professional development paths and career growth skills, international experience, involvement and motivation.



The evaluation of performance is one of the fundamental tools used to manage the development of our employees.
At Ansaldo STS all employees are included in the Performance and Development Plan (PDP) process through a comprehensive global structured and uniform approach.
The PDP is structured into 3 phases:
Phase 1 – Planning: refers to the assignment of performance and development objectives related to:
  • Strategic business objectives;
  • Objectives of role / responsibilities;
  • Evaluation results of the previous year;
  • Competencies and skills gaps;
  • Objectives of individual development.
Phase 2 – Coaching: it is based on continuous monitoring of performance by the direct manager;
Phase 3 – Review: the final assessment phase in which all assessments related to the employee are consolidated (self-assessment, assessment of the direct  manager, third party evaluation, selected within the organization which allow a comprehensive view of individual performance). 
The PDP process’ has its main driver in the manager-staff communication, which is considered critical to sharing the targets to be achieved and the development requirements of the individual. The allocation of targets and their subsequent assessment are an important means of understanding expectations and competencies, and a way to work together, through transparent and structured feedback, with a view to an individual’s improvement and development..
This process ensures the establishment of a development pathway, should a skills gap be identified,. In this way  participation in training, coaching, and inclusion in specific business projects is encouraged.
The PDP makes it possible to identify the "best performers" and the valuable resources for whom assessment are provided by specialized companies together with forms of compensation consistent with the level of performance exhibited.
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