Ansaldo STS’s active role varies depending on the type of project and part played in handling relations with local communities, be they municipal authorities, associations of residents, users of metros and trains, companies or local labor.

It complies with the site environmental management procedures for the environmental aspects of its projects, starting with an initial analysis of the works planned, discussed and agreed with the subcontractors as well. The next stage is preparation of a monitoring plan to ensure ongoing compliance with the law and to adopt all available opportunities to limit the impact of setting up a work site. Sometimes, the customer (public sector body) defines specific characteristics of the work after assessments have been made of its impact on the environment, the society and health and safety. In this case, Ansaldo STS studies and presents the best possible solutions.

Ansaldo STS is actively involved in programs to communicate and interact with the communities affected by its works in various ways:

  • it participates in committees that represent local stakeholders;
  • it promotes communication between the local authorities and citizens;
  • it engages in direct communication;
  • it takes part in programs to develop local communities.