Ansaldo STS’s training path has been implemented with the cooperation of training needs managers (TNM). This initiative aims to identify personnel who can serve as contacts for Human Resources in the definition of specific training and development plans for operational structures, in order to facilitate understanding of the specific needs of each operational unit and make it possible to define projects that more accurately target their actual needs. TNM is distinguished by its concept of “Community”, which translates into encouraging the creation of a network to reduce geographical distances. In 2016, Ansaldo STS carried out training and information sessions to draw attention to:

  • the procedures and requirements of the Integrated Management System;
  • the roles and responsibilities needed to achieve compliance with the environmental policy and the procedures and requirements of the Integrated Management System, including preparing for emergency situations and response capacity;
  • the potential consequences of not complying with the specified operating procedures.

The training sessions were held by personnel competent in the relevant field. The specialized technical focus of the training demonstrates Ansaldo STS’s aim of targeting operating positions involved in duties and activities that are potentially critical in terms of the environment.

Enviromental training201420152016
Total hours of environmental training 2,713 919 1,189

At the production sites, where environmental risks can potentially be higher, environmental training has doubled compared to 2015, increasing from 201 to 447 hours.