We believe the Social Innovation is an opportunity to:

  • Think about the improvement that technical innovation is bringing to society, developing new solutions in the field of transportation, as also for industry, infrastructure, healthcare and energy.
  • Understand how advanced technologies can affect the development of smart cities, creating new, more dynamic business models.
  • Evaluate together how new technology solutions help to improve company’s management, enabling new and highly integrated processes to be adopted thanks to the availability of new data and information.
  • Discover how, thanks to a collaborative approach and the integration of IT and Operational Technologies, Ansaldo STS, a Hitachi Group Company, is participating to virtuous systems to drive companies, institutions, and urban centers to innovation.

For the first time in Italy, in 2017, as Hitachi is used to do all around the world, it will be organized the Social Innovation Forums, which is one of the most important events for the group, the opportunity that brings together leading industry names and Hitachi experts to explore the future of the industrial landscape on a country and to understand what Social Innovation is, its dynamics, and to find out how Hitachi is adapting it to Italian reality as in the world.