Supplier vetting and the process for the purchase of assets, goods and services are carried out in accordance with the principles of the code of ethics and internal quality procedures, as well as in accordance with current environmental, health and safety regulations. In the management of relationships with suppliers and subcontractors, as for all business and financial dealings of any kind, Ansaldo STS requires its counterparties to conduct themselves in accordance with the principles of loyalty, fairness, transparency, efficiency and legal compliance.

To this end, suppliers and subcontractors are vetted on the basis of objective, transparent and documentable evaluation criteria, in accordance with the principles of the code of ethics and all procedures provided for by specific protocols, in writing and in line with the current hierarchical structure.

A new Supplier Qualification & Monitoring Unit, part of the Quality Assurance function coordinates supplier qualification. In addition, Ansaldo STS has specified that the qualification process is interdisciplinary and based on opinions of several units involved therein: the Technical, Procurement, Quality and EHS units.

Ansaldo STS revised the supplier questionnaire (FOR 019), introducing specific questions about the environment and safety, directly involving the EHS unit in supplier qualification and defining a list of “sensitive” goods, where the latter unit’s involvement is mandatory.

The questionnaire update covered the following EHS aspects:

  • introduction of a safety management system compliant with the BS OHSAS 18001 standard;
  • introduction of an environmental management system compliant with the UNI EN ISO 14001:2007 standard;
  • introduction of sustainability procedures/programs;
  • application of the legislative requirements to comply with the REACH/ROHS/RAEE regulations;
  • collection of data about accidents, non-compliance, training and emergencies.

As Ansaldo STS continues to increase its operations in emerging countries, it prefers large companies that preferably have the quality, environmental and safety certificates when vetting and qualifying suppliers.