Board of Directors

Name PositionOffice term% Meeting Attendance
Alistair Dormer (***)Chairman13/05/2016n.a.
Andrew Barr (***)Chief Executive Officer
and General Manager1
Alberto de Benedictis (*) (**)Deputy Chairman213/05/2016n.a.
Rosa Cipriotti Director13/05/2016n.a.
Michele Alberto Fabiano CrisostomoDirector19/01/2017n.a.
Mario Garraffo(*) (**)Director13/05/2016n.a.
Fabio Labruna Director13/05/2016n.a.
Katherine Jane Mingay (***)Director13/05/2016n.a.
Katharine Rosalind Painter (*) (**)Director13/05/2016n.a.

1) On May 24th, 2016, the Company’s Board of Directors appointed Mr. Andrew Thomas Barr as Chief Executive Officer and General Manager.
2) On October 28th  2016, the Company’s Board of Directors appointed Mr. Alberto de Benedictis as Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors.
(*) Member of Control and Risk Committee.
(**)  Member of Nomination and Remuneration Committee.
(***) Member of Bid Committee.

The Board of Directors is vested with the task of managing the Company, with the authority to take all appropriate actions for the achievement of the corporate purposes, excluding those acts which are reserved – by the law or the Articles of Association – to the Meeting.

The Board of Directors therefore holds a central role in the decision-making life of the Company since not only does it assess the general performance of corporate operations but takes care of reviewing and approved in advance the translations which have a significant strategic, financial and equity importance for the Company.

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