The Shareholder’s Meeting appoints the Board of Statutory Auditors (composed of three Statutory Auditors) and defines the annual fee for the members of the same. The Shareholder’s Meeting also appoints two Alternate Auditors. 

The members of the Statutory Board are chosen from among those in possession of the professional and integrity requirements set forth by Ministry of Justice Decree no. 162 dated March 30, 2000. Pursuant to Article 1, paragraph 2, letters b) and c) of the Decree, commercial and tax law, company economics and company taxes, are considered subjects strictly pertaining to the company’s business.

The Board of Statutory Auditors in office, appointed by the Ordinary General Shareholders’ meeting of May 11, 2017, is comprised as follows: Antonio Zecca (Chairman), Giovanni Naccarato e Alessandra Stabilini. On the same date the Shareholders’ meeting appointed Alessandro Speranza, Valeria Galardi e Cristiano Proserpio as Alternate Auditors. The current Board of Statutory Auditors shall be in office until the Shareholders’ meeting convened for the approval of the Company’s Financial Statements as of 31 March 2020.