Related Parties

Consob Regulation No. 17221 of March, 12, 2010 (the “Regulation”) provides rules in order to rule related parties transactions among a listed company (“Company”) and any of its related parties. The purpose of the Regulation is to ensure transparency and substantial & procedural fairness of transactions with related parties entered into directly by ASTS or through its subsidiaries.

In particular, the Regulation binds the Company to approve a procedure regulating transactions with related parties.

The Procedure regarding related-party transactions (the “Procedure”) was approved by unanimous vote by the Board of Directors of the Company on November 26, 2010, upon the favourable opinion unanimously expressed by the Procedure Committee. On the same date, the Board of Statutory Auditors of the Company confirmed the compliance of such Procedure with the principles indicated in the Regulation.

The Procedure is aimed at defining the rules, methods and principles to ensure the transparency and the substantial and procedural correctness of the related-party transactions conducted by the Company, either directly or through subsidiaries.

Finally, on 4 November 2013, in compliance with Consob circular DEM/10078683 of 24 September 2010 regarding Transactions with Related Parties, the Board of Directors carried out an assessment of the procedure adopted, having consulted the company's Procedures Committee. The Board of Directors concluded that the company's 'Transactions with Related Parties' Procedure was adequate and concluded that no substantial amendments were necessary.