11 May 2017 Shareholders' Meeting



Documents Archive 

Notice of call, supplement the agenda and new proposal, proxy forms

29 March 2017Notice of call of Ordinary and Extraordinary General MeetingPDF (301 KB)
29 March 2017Proxy formPDF (218 KB)
29 March 2017Appointed representative proxy formPDF (320 KB)
29 March 2017Certificate of the proxy holderPDF (192 KB)
21 April 2017Proposal of resolution and request for the supplement of the AgendaPDF (250KB)
21 April 2017Explanatory Report produced by Litespeed pursuant to art. 126-bis TUFPDF (730 KB)

Financial Documents and Corporate Governance Report

29 March 20172016 Annual Report Ansaldo STS SpAPDF (637 KB)
29 March 20172016 Annual Report Ansaldo STS GroupPDF (613 KB)
29 March 2017Independent Auditor’s report separate financial statements ASTS 2016PDF (264 KB)
29 March 2017Independent auditors' report consolidated financial statements ASTS 2016PDF (242KB)
29 March 2017Statutory Auditors’ Report to the Shareholders’meetingPDF (373 KB)
29 March 2017Corporate Governance Report ex art. 123 – bis  of the Consolidation Act on Finance (“TUF”)PDF (1 MB)
29 March 2017Financial statements of non - EU foreign subsidiariesPDF (13 MB)

Explanatory reports and Remuneration Report

29 March 2017Explanatory report on item 1 of the Agenda regarding the approval of the Financial Statements 2016 PDF (418 KB)
29 March 2017Explanatory report on item 3 of the Agenda regarding the appointment of the Board of Statutory AuditorsPDF (387 KB)
29 March 2017Explanatory report regarding the proposal for an amendment to the Articles of Association concerning the date of closing of the financial yearPDF (501 KB)
6 April 2017Explanatory report on item 5 of the Agenda regarding Ansaldo Stock Grant PlanPDF (361 KB)
6 April 2017Informative documentPDF (558 KB)
13 April 2017Explanatory report on item 4 of the Agenda regarding the authorization to purchase and dispose of own sharesPDF (376KB)
13 April 2017Explanatory  report on item 2 of the Agenda regarding the first section of the Report on RemunerationPDF (605KB)
13 April 2017Report on RemunerationPDF (796 KB)

Lists of candidates

20 April 2017List n.1PDF (2 MB)
20 April 2017List n.2PDF (2 MB)

Other documents

29 March 2017Capital structurePDF (63 KB)
16 May 2017Summary account of the votesPDF (144 KB)
9 June 2017Minutes of the Shareholders' MeetingPDF (48 MB)
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