Addressable market by segment and business

* Forecasts based on analysis of projects in 60 countries

The company is evermore becoming a projects business, and which is the core of what we do. 

Addressable market being €15.4 billion, divided into three segments, signaling, systems for turnkey and services in support of those systems. 

These are areas where Ansaldo clearly has played extremely strongly, but in particular, growth can be targeted on operation and maintenance in the Turnkey area and system technology for Turnkey. 

The area of Turnkey is somewhere where the company has been operating for a while, but in the future it’s clear that financing will be the key to this, particularly with PPP opportunities becoming ever more so relevant.

Particular growth areas for us are operation and maintenance (O&M) for turnkey in general, and system technology for turnkey in north America in particular.

In the future we will see this opportunity grow considerably on the back of the Turnkey projects which we are delivering.