31 January 2018, 08:45 am

Riyadh metro project, Ansaldo STS Line 3 has been awarded the “Best line” among the six lines under construction in terms of Health and safety by the engineers who scored the Audit.

According to the data released few hours ago, about the Health safety and security site audits completed for the month of December 2017, Line 3 had an average of 97.51% for all the 26 locations. The highest scores recorded were Tunnel section 3H1-3J1 with a score of 98.53% and elevates station 3B2 with a score of 99.57%. The lowest was the Deep underground station 3E1 with a score of 92.82%.

Since the beginning of Riyadh metro project it has been very hard to get all HSE aspects in line,” explain our colleagues based in the Saudi Kingdom. “We faced many challenges, being engaged to overcome new problems, find new solutions and dealing with unpredictable scenarios. But thanks to our commitment and dedication we’ve been able to find out always the best solution for the client and so for ourselves. All project members granted their support during the work, helping out all the time and implementing, in a record time, the HSE management system.

Among the challenges our colleagues took up it is important to mention: improving the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) culture of Ansaldo STS and subcontractors teams; implementing the HSE requirements on the areas taken over from CWG (Civil Work Group) to EWG (Electro Mechanic Work Group); controlling the simultaneous activities between CWG and EWG by implementing a strict PTW (Permit to Work) system by Ansaldo STS HSE department and then supporting the TCO (Traffic Control Officer) team to continue the control of simultaneous activities; controlling the different HSE standards between CWG and EWG where EWG standards require safer work environments and implementing the HSE management system.

These are only few of the challenging tasks successfully faced by our team in Riyadh which led our colleagues to receive such important acknowledgment of their hard work. In practical terms our success has been made possible by many factors, like: PTW system implementation effectiveness; certificates from RMTC for the best line (June 2017 with score of 91.57%) & for the best station 3A2 (September 2017 with score 99%); the fulfilment of the ISO 18001:2007 & 14001:2004 certificates without any NCRs for the second year and the transition from ISO 14001:2004 to 14001:2015 being the first Ansaldo STS site certified against the new ISO ‪14001:2015; creating HSE training minimum requirement for every employee.