Wednesday, June 29, 2011 - 15:00

The new Ansaldo STS website went live today, offering users completely new graphics, content and services.

We have reorganised the content to showcase a great many areas of corporate policy where the company is especially active. A good example of this is the new section dedicated to sustainability, which deals with themes such as stakeholder relations, environmental awareness, health, safety and technological innovation.


We have taken particular care to make it quick to navigate to other areas from the homepage, which has a strong communication impact. The homepage contains the latest news, a dedicated area for investors, and links to the most popular sections, events and press releases. Users visiting the site will find a navigation structure that is consistent and coherent – they can easily access any information, wherever they are within the portal.


The relaunch of Ansaldo STS's public presence on the internet, which is consistent with Finmeccanica Group policies and the parameters set by Hallvarsson & Halvarsson, reflects a renewed sensitivity to the opportunities offered by the web. Hence the company's presence on social media, the development of web tools such as an interactive calendar and RSS feed, the option to filter press releases, a new search engine, and a document directory for easily finding any document published on the portal.

"After going public in 2006," says Sergio De Luca, the Group's CEO, "Ansaldo STS immediately started trading internationally and, now operating in many countries, attracts more and more interest from investors throughout the world. As a company with such a vast audience, we must pay great attention to the image we present, the quantity and quality of the information we provide and our ability to meet the needs of our clients and investors for hard facts.
We have therefore decided to give our institutional website ( a thorough overhaul in terms of layout and content. In taking on board the suggestions we have received, our sole aim has been to marry our image with our new scale of operations and the associated complexity within our institutional and market relationships.
Keeping a close eye on the world wide web is a must for companies like us, whose daily work is driven by the values of accuracy, diligence, commitment and market transparency, but it is also an opportunity.
We hope that our new website will fulfil the expectations of all our partners and, above all, provide all the information visitors need in a clear and simple manner."
"The new website of Ansaldo STS," added Alessandro Pansa, Chairman of the Board, "is another opportunity to bring the public closer to the history of a company that has played a key role in the evolution of transport systems in Italy and throughout the world. I am confident that our new website will make the level of innovation that Ansaldo STS pursues on a daily basis, which is down to the hard work and commitment of all its employees, more readily accessible and better known to the public. With new sections and more content than its predecessor, it will fulfil the expectations of investors, our clients and the general public in the most effective way possible."