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In this session you have access to the html version of consolidated annual report that allows the users to browse the main sections and pages of the report, download figures in .xls format, archive interest contents and your personal related notes.

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2013 Sustainability Report

hp-dc-copertine-csr_en_1.pngWe would like to take this opportunity to address everyone who interacts and works with Ansaldo STS every day: the millions of passengers who transit safely using our railway and metro transportation technologies, our customers, our shareholders, our men and women workers, institutions, our partners and the communities and associations with which we operate and collaborate and which continuously motivate us and provide us with invaluable recommendations.

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Ansaldo STS has joined Global Compact, a voluntary initiative launched in 1999 by the UNO to spread the culture of respecting human rights, labour, the environment and fight against corruption, based on 10 principles.




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politica ambientale

Environmental policy

The Environmental Policy adopted by the Ansaldo STS Group is consistent with the commitment to the development of products which are intended to increase the safety, effectiveness and effi ciency of some of the most environmentally friendly transport systems available: rail transport systems, railways, metros and tram systems.


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politica ambientaleCertifications


The commitment of the Ansaldo STS Group to environmental issues has grown in the last few years alongside the evolution of its corporate policy and objectives. The decisions taken required a considerable investment of resources and a significant organisational effort, but led to the implementation of innovative industrial processes increasingly more sustainable from an environmental point of view and more responsible management procedures.

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