2015 Sustainability Report


The question we must ask ourselves every time we think about the physical realization of our components or we design of a great line is: how can we, through our projects create value for the entire community, not only for those who specifically use our transport systems, but all the people who come into contact with them? How do we innovate to improve the quality of everyone’s life?

Our own answer is in the pages of this report: in our daily commitment to find new solutions and in the determination with which we face new challenges, our gaze locked towards the opportunities the future is offering to us.


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The Integrated Review is an accounting tool with which Ansaldo STS wants to give an integrated vision of economic, social and environmental management. In this session you have access to the html version of consolidated annual report that allows the users to browse the main sections and pages of the report, download figures in .xls format, archive interest contents and your personal related notes.

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Ansaldo STS joines Global Compact, a voluntary initiative launched in 1999 by the UNO to spread the culture of respecting human rights, labour, the environment and fight against corruption, based on 10 principles.




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politica ambientale

Environmental sustainability and focus on its people’s safety is a daily commitment for Ansaldo STS which it meets by adopting specific policies and encouraging ethical conduct by its collaborators and stakeholders.


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politica ambientaleIntegrated Management System


Ansaldo STS has implemented an integrated management system (IMS) for the environment, safety and quality, establishing global corporate policies and procedures to ensure the controlled management of processes and activities relating to safety in the workplace and environmental protection.

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