Core Values

In order to achieve its objectives of growing and maintaining the leadership in its sector, Ansaldo STS bases its business operations on strong ethical foundations comprised of fundamental values and principles; all persons, throughout its worldwide organisation, are required to share this culture and the same moral commitment in pursuing it, by adopting the principles and values of the Group.

Core values

The values adopted by Ansaldo STS and on which its corporate business is based are the following:

Customer Focus - Ansaldo STS exists thanks to its clients, to the extent that the company is able to understand and satisfy their needs and expectations and help solve the related problems.

Innovation and excellence - represent the core of Ansaldo STS business, the constant focus on work aimed at providing clients with innovative and excellent products, which incorporate the basis of the company’s competitive advantage in the market.

People - clients’ satisfaction and the development of new products cannot disregard the skills of the professionals involved. This is why Ansaldo STS is a company founded on people. All the people within our organisation are committed to making Ansaldo STS a place where anyone can be proud to work, where it is possible to learn, achieve and celebrate success.

Team spirit - none of the operating targets may be achieved by single individuals; the professionals of the company are able and eager to work together with their colleagues within a single cohesive organisation.

Integrity - in order for people to work efficiently together, they must trust each other; this is possible only if everyone works and behaves in a transparent, loyal, honest and fair manner. Likewise, clients must be absolutely certain that integrity represents a core value for Ansaldo STS, which influences the creation of products characterised by the utmost care and attention to all safety-related issues.

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