Training and development

Ansaldo STS is involved in commercial, technological and managerial challenges that require organization and management action, to be able to effectively guide corporate culture, to adapt the professional system and to update competencies. In this context, managerial and specialist training has been and will continue to be an important means of valuing people and adapting their skills to the contexts that the market offers.

The function dedicated to training at Ansaldo STS is the Ansaldo STS Academy. It is a virtual meeting place for sharing cultures and knowledge and is a professional network where team spirit thrives. Its mission is to support our customers, ensure the development of our people and create efficiencies by ensuring high standards of training.

 The Academy analyzes overall training needs and develops training solutions that meet the needs of our people and our business. The development of people working in Ansaldo STS is one of the "core values" of the company, so the Academy is committed to providing the training, maintaining and improving individual and collective skills to ensure continued success, and encouraging adherence to distinctive managerial values and behaviours.

The Ansaldo STS Academy's training offer includes the “Induction” project, addressed to new employees, managerial courses for developing talents, technical training on company’s products, courses for skills enhancement and technical expertise, paths for the development of team efficiency and a Project Management Programme (PMP).

The training paths are organized on the basis of individual needs in order to create value and achieve excellence in the company.

The investment in training is developing through initiatives related to four main areas of training:

  • regulatory;
  • language;
  • managerial;
  • technical-specialist.

These types of training are aimed at different targets, especially where they deal with the compliance with specific regulations and updates of common interest, and in part are specific to functions, where they are focused on developing specialist skills.

In addition the Group offers specific training initiatives dedicated to certain categories of the company’s workforce, such as executives, middle managers under development and young people with potential. This ensures paths functional to the career development or to the enhancement of the skills necessary to control the responsibilities linked to each role.

Average annual hours of training by employee category are shown below:

Junior managers133148
White collars193189
Blue collars231137
Average hours per year per employee187175

In 2012, there was an increase in the average number of training hours, mainly for white collars and blue collars.


Below is a summary of the Ansaldo STS Group’s training hours broken down by Region, professional qualification and training categories:

INVESTMENT IN TRAINING* (Euro)Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle
Western EuropeAmericaAsia-PacificChinaTOTAL
Technical-specialist training258,093201,929258,122374,8463,4641,096,454
Language training226,744106,9521,872 2,185337,753
Managerial training84,75090,48075,10922,771825273,935
EHS, Quality58,00027,2842,04544,701225132,255
Refresher training 34,427 70,348 104,775
Mandatory/institutional training 33,75260036,654 71,006
Other24,9503,200 19,789 47,939
Human Rights and Ethical Aspects   4,630 4,630

 (*) external costs incurred by Ansaldo STS.

It should be stressed that the company attaches importance to technical and specialist training in line with the corporate mission and, then, to language training, largely due to the multiculturalism and internationalization of the company (which will continue to be a strategic activity in which Ansaldo STS will invest, also in terms of increasing international leadership and partnerships with multicultural teams).
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