Professional Ethics

Honesty, loyalty, skills and professional expertise, reliability and commitment of its human resources are fundamental to our company’s success in achieving its objectives and remaining globally competitive.

Personnel Management Policy

Ansaldo STS  seeks to comply, in its relations with the human resources employed by the company, with the laws and contract rules applicable in the different countries in which the group operates. Ansaldo STS undertakes to protect the moral integrity of all employees and staff, ensuring working conditions which respect human dignity. Within the context of working relationships, it is absolutely forbidden to commit any harassment or to displayany conduct which may compromise the tranquil performance of the functions assigned and, in any case, which may harm the dignity of the workers.

Ansaldo STS makes sure that the resources acquired match the profiles required by the company’s needs, avoiding any partiality and facilitation whatsoever and basing the election only on the criteria of professionalism and competence. The selection policies of Ansaldo STS offer equal job opportunities, defining fair treatment according to individual skills and expertise.

Equity of Pay

Sometimes, the identification of a panel of specific companies which have professional profiles similar to those required by the business of Ansaldo STS are compiled in order to compae and, where possible align the pays of Ansaldo STS employees with those of potential competitors for the purpose of limiting the risk of retirement and consequent loss of know-how.

The Ansaldo STS Group periodically carries out the assessment (fine tuning) of the most important organisational positions, making use of specialist companies in the industry, and compares the remuneration of individuals holding such positions, under similar conditions in terms of the weight of the position, within the relevant market. 

In any cases of misalignment with the market and of positive performances, the related pay adjustments are made. These pay adjustments for white collar workers are concentrated during the salary review period, except for specific actions which may be taken during the year due to promotions or retention strategies

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

The Ansaldo STS Group offers equal work opportunities, ensuring fair treatment based on individual expertise and skills. Employees receive a regular employment contract, principally on a permanent basis in compliance with the current laws, collective agreements, internal agreements and regulations. 

Training is a key element to enhance human resources and adapt individuals’ competences to the context provided by the market, thus expanding the skills and knowledge of each individual in accordance with the values of the Group, following a policy based on the acknowledgment of merits and equal opportunities.

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