Recruting and selection

At global level, 2012 saw the consolidation and improvement of the recruiting procedure issued in 2010 and applied to all Ansaldo STS’ major legal entities (ASTS Italy, France, USA, APAC and China). The new procedure and the new support tool continue to prove extremely useful in the supervision of the hiring process and to create a single worldwide database. The effects of the work done in 2011 were seen in 2012: indeed, the providers used for global hiring were rationalised (master agreements) and the vendor module was acquired within the same tool (only those providers with master agreements were saved in the vendor module).

2012 also saw the consolidation of a more standardised use of the internal job posting tool in Italy. This tool makes it possible to centrally supervise the transfer of resources, while providing all major entities with a single system in which to save all internal job postings and trace the in-house hiring process. Many relationships with universities throughout Italy are continuously in place, as this is an excellent tool for encouraging partnerships between the company and universities, and temporary staffi ng and head hunting agencies, although to a much less scrupulous extent than in the past, are used through the recruiting tool database.

Throughout Ansaldo STS, during 2012, the following employment contracts were signed (not including the personnel of Ansaldo STS’ joint venture in Asia-Pacifi c): three managers, 15 junior managers, 357 white collars and 19 blue collars.

HIRING     MenWomenTotalMenWomenTotal
Junior managers12315819
White collars28473357373125498
Blue collars1811933336

The following table illustrates the number of employment contracts divided by region and employee age:

 Central and Eastern
Europe and the
Middle East 
Western Europe America Asia-Pacific China Total 
HIRING 2012MenWomenMenWomenMenWomenMenWomenMenWomen MenWomen
< 3083713483813218926
> 50301021321400467

In the recruitment of people from the local community, Ansaldo STS privileges local resident employees if jobs can be fi lled locally. Otherwise, given the internationalisation of its activities and business, staff, including top management, is hired on a worldwide basis considering the specifi c expertise required.

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